Are you wondering just how to deal with packing up your kitchen before a move? This area of the home is a 'home' of its own to many kitchen implements, utensils, appliances, and food items. There are a lot of things to sort through and organize, which can be overwhelming to Gainesville residents. Before you give up and start throwing everything into boxes and bags, here are some tips to help you smoothly organize and move the items in your kitchen.

Tips for Packing Items & Furniture

Since moves always take a few weeks to prepare for, it's a good idea to start sorting through the items in your kitchen early. Consider picking up the things you hardly ever use first, such as seasonal dishware and fine china. You can also pack up most of your daily dishes and utensils, while leaving just one set per person in the household to use until it gets closer to moving day.

If ever there was an excuse to use paper plates and disposable utensils, during a move is it. Don't feel guilty for switching to disposable plates and other items when feeding your family in the few days before a move and right after it, too.

When packing up your dishware, glasses, and utensils, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use multiple layers of packing paper, newsprint, or even old linens and towels as a cushion between plates.
  • Dish pack boxes are lifesavers when moving glasses and mugs. Be sure to use these in combination with a plastic bubble roll for extra protection.
  • Try to find small boxes to hold your utensils in. The less room they have to move around, the less chance of breaking the packaging and scattering.
  • Wrap or tie your utensils together in small groups before packing to further prevent movement.
  • Put your small appliances back into their original packaging, if you still have it.
  • Consider wrapping separate pieces of each appliance to prevent breakage, such as the carafe of a coffee maker.
  • Wrap your kitchen furniture in heavy blankets or moving blankets to prevent scratches during transport.

Tips for Disposing of Food & Chemicals

You may find that you have a lot more food stored in the kitchen than you realize ahead of that relocation. It's important to get everything sorted before the residential movers come because many companies won't transport food or perishable items. 

Here are some ways you can begin:

  • Consider donating most of your unopened food to a local pantry. Unless you are moving to a very isolated area, it's usually easier to stock up again after you move.
  • Wrap glass bottles of food securely if you do plan on transporting items, and keep them separate from canned goods and plastic containers.
  • Try to use up most of the opened food in the refrigerator and freezer, since these items will go bad the fastest.
  • Place frozen and refrigerated items in a cooler or insulated bag to keep them cool during transport.
  • Dispose of chemicals and flammable liquids rather than attempting to move them. You'll need to look up your city's guidelines for proper disposal of these items.

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