Protecting Your Fabric Items During a Move

When packing up a household, you pay special attention to delicate items. You want to ensure that your valuables arrive safely. Still, certain fabrics need that same custom care. Here are seven tips to help you safely relocate your fabrics.

Wrap Fabric and Leather Furniture

Use shrink wrap to protect your sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, or other furniture with fabric or leather. A layer of shrink wrap will protect against dirt and scuffing. Your professional residential movers will use extra padding on the truck to further protect these items.

Plastic for Mattresses and Box Springs

Plastic mattress bags are an easy and affordable option that will help against dirt and rubbing. In most cases, a simple plastic mattress bag will adequately protect here. If you want more protection, you can purchase a mattress box.

Special Care for Artwork and Antiques

Canvass artwork or antique fabric furniture can cost a significant amount of money, but they’re delicate. Suppose you have these investment pieces in your upcoming move. In that case, it may be wise to speak with your residential movers about custom crating options.

Totes for Cherished Items

Seasonal decorations, custom craftwork, or quilts can have sentimental value and be irreplaceable if damaged. Purchasing plastic totes to relocate these items will keep them safe and provide an efficient storage system for them later.

Don’t Sweat Casual Clothing

In most cases, everyday wear items can remain in furniture drawers. Your professional mover will secure draws from opening during transport. If you box casual clothing, be careful not to overload one box with too many heavy materials like denim or leather.

Hang Formal Wear

Suppose you have a lot of suits, cocktail dresses, or other formal wear items. In that case, you’ll want to protect them from wrinkles during relocation. A wardrobe box is a tall cardboard box with a hanger that allows you to hang full-length clothing during a move safely.

Taking Custom Curtains

You can leave behind curtains if you’re not sure they’ll fit in the new residence. However, if you purchased expensive custom curtains, you’ll probably want to bring them. Folding them over a hanger and placing them in a wardrobe bag is an easy solution.

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